Charla Stevens Consulting acts as a neutral third party in a variety of investigations from common workplace disputes to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct (student and adult), bulllying, and Title IX involving employees, students and faculty. She also conducts climate assessments for workplaces or departments with leadership and morale issues.

Each thorough investigation is concluded with preparation of a confidential written report making factual findings and, if requested, recommendations for remedial action. 


Employment Practices Audit

This audit is conducted on site with your human resources personnel. Charla will meet with your staff, review your employment and payroll practices and conduct a spot check of personnel files to make certain they are being maintained appropriately. She will review compliance with state and federal regulations, including the FLSA and will provide follow up consultation and checklists as needed. 

Pay Equity Audit

A pay equity audit results in a comprehensive review of your company’s pay practices identifying and addressing inequities based on membership in protected classes. Charla Stevens Consulting will help to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulation and give an employer significant assistance in recruitment and retention of valued employees. 

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